Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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Tips To Consider When Remodeling Your Bath Room

how to remodel your bath room

Even though the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a house, it offers endless choices and options as far as features you can install are concerned. If you are in the process of planning a bathroom remodeling project, there are several features that you need to consider.


If you are thinking of installing a new sink, you must first measure the available space that you will be working with. The space in front of the sink and its cabinet needs to be big enough to allow for clearance. Usually, sinks come in two styles-there’s the complete sink system that features an integrated faucet, spout or handle, and then there’s the sink that will feature a three-hole setup to allow you choose your own sink fixtures.


Countertops can transform the look of your bathroom, and give it an upscale touch. Granite and marble are a popular choice, although they are expensive and tend to stain if they are not sealed on a regular basis. If you wish to have a cheaper alternative, while retaining the look and feel of natural stone, you can go for synthetic stones such as manufactured quartz.


Many homeowners will shy away from installing a new bathtub because the costs tend to be prohibitive. However, even if you are working on a budget, you can still transform your bathtub by tweaking a few features here and there. For instance, adding a new tile bathtub surround will definitely change how your bathtub area looks, and add a touch of your personal style. There are numerous materials that you can choose from when getting a bathtub, including acrylic, enamel-on-steel, wood and cultured marble and even composite materials.


Showers, like bathtubs, are a major component of your bathroom that require adequate preparation, including hiring a plumber to take care of the drain and water pipes alterations. When it comes to choosing the style of the shower, you can go for a one-piece shower unit that contains all shower components in a pre-packaged self-contained unit. These units are great in that they save on installation time. Glass shower doors are a great way to improve the appeal of your bathroom without the need for an entire renovation, while glass block is a recommended way to wall off a shower area for your privacy.


Installing a new toilet can greatly improve not just the look of your bathroom, but its functionality as well. While it may be tempting to change the location of your toilet, you must consider the expenses that will be incurred in plumbing new sewer lines. As such, instead of changing the locations, you might want to consider something less drastic, say getting a new model.

Lighting and mirrors

You need to choose lighting that eliminates shadows in your bathroom, and one which opens up the bathroom space and makes it inviting. Coupling good lighting with strategically placed mirrors will make even a small bathroom look much larger than it is.

It is also necessary to choose good wall coverings that are durable so they can withstand heat, moisture and cleaning requirements.

Reason To Invest In A Walk In Tub

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10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Walk in Bathtub

Walk in bathtubs are a gift that technology has given us setting a higher bar for the ultimate bath experience. Here are ten reasons why you deserve a walk in bath tub;

  1. You may have had a bathtub accident or came close to having one. You definitely heard of someone having an accident. It is something that you will no longer dread when taking a bath in a walk in tub. Health and safety are the primary reason for the innovation of the walk in tub feature.


  1. The walk in is set to be the default bath tub of the future. Walk in tubs are typically loaded with features that allow spa baths. Jet sprays, foot massages and aromatherapy are the order of the day.Your muscles will thank you.


  1. Owning a walk in bathtub means you can now comfortably fit in two people without compromising the bath experience. Perfect for spouses who both prefer a bath to a shower.


  1. The walk in bath will be enjoyably used by people of every build and age in comfort. Its height makes it deep enough for different preferences. Guests will be impressed and hang around a little longer.


  1. Your bathroom also comes in handy for disabled persons should you have one in the family or a visitor.


  1. They are not only good for use in your homes but also in hotels, spas, hospitals, retirement homes and psychiatric institutions. They make it easier to assist invalids, the elderly and the mentally challenged if you run such properties.


  1. You can get your pets and kids cleaned up with the same amount of luxury. There will be no mess and spills because of the deep set tub.


  1. Having a walk in tub immediately raises the property value of a house you are trying to sell. Buyers will simply dream of taking a relaxing bath after seeing it.


  1. If it’s any consolation for those who always leave the tap dripping, it will take longer before it spills to the floor.


  1. On the whole, it is a fitting that will probably stay on until or after retirement. It is good value for money.Walk in tubs are lots of fun so brace yourself. A daily dose of spa treatment is what they promise and deliver. Owning one says a lot about your concern for health, safety and your love for convenience.


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