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How To Tell You Need New Brakes

brake pad replacementYour car brakes are one of the parts of your car that you should think about more often than anything else. It is essential to have your brakes in great working condition. The way car breaks wear out is quite gradual and you may not notice there is a problem until you have to stop at an emergency while going at high speeds. The greater the breaking distance you need, the more dangerous it is to drive your vehicle in that condition. Some of the factors to be on the lookout for with brakes include:


You can see the wearing out on the vehicle brakes through the spaces between the spokes of the wheel. You should see at least a quarter of an inch of the outside brake pads that are pressed against the metal rotor. In case the pad is worn down to less than a quarter of an inch, you should get them checked out.

Screeching sounds

The high pitched screeching sound you hear when applying your brakes is an indicator; a small metal shim that gives you an audible warning that your brakes are worn down to a certain level that requires replacement. This sound is usually so loud that you can hear it when your car windows are rolled up. In case you hear it more than a couple of times, it is about time to see the mechanic.

It is important to know that sometimes, when your car has been exposed to water, thin layers of rust may develop on the brake rotors. This can cause a squeal when the brake pads press on the rust covered rotors for the first couple of times you use the brakes until the rust wears off and the sound will disappear.


Wearing out of brakes causes fading or reduced responsiveness. This is when you press on the pedal and it sinks towards the floor without much effort. Besides wearing down of the brake pads, this could also be an indicator of a leak in the breaking system: an air leak in the break horse or a brake fluid leak. If you find a small puddle of liquid where you last parked your car, it could be a brake fluid leak.


Pulling refers to when your vehicle starts to pull on one side when breaking. This happens when the brake linings begin to wear unevenly and the wheels of the car are not stopping uniformly. It can also happen when there is foreign matter in the brake fluid.

Grinding, growling or vibrations

A loud metallic sound from your tires can occur when the disc and the caliper starts rubbing together scratching your rotors and creating an uneven surface. This simply means the brake pads are worn down beyond replacement. You mechanic may suggest turning the rotors to even out the surface or replacing them. In case the brake pedal is vibrating or pulsating, then you may have warped rotors of your car. Warped rotors cause severe breaking for a long time because the brake pads are not able to grab the surface evenly.  If you are needing brakes on your car please visit brake repair cary nc, they have a great selection of some of the best brake pads for your car.