How To Change A Cars Air Filter

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Tips On How To Change The Filter On Your Car

replace your air filter on your car

It’s common knowledge to car owners that the air filter will need to be replaced or cleaned when it gets dirty. The replacement is usually done at certain intervals, say after every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. When dirt and other contaminants build up on the filter, it can affect the engine’s performance, fuel economy and emissions. Changing the filter as is recommended by the manufacturer will help to ensure your vehicle performs better and efficiently over the years.

Here is a simple guide to help you change the dirty air filter in your car.

Replacing the air filter with a new one

To locate the air filter housing, you can refer to the car’s manual. You may also ask your mechanic the next time you take your car for repairs at the auto shop. The internet can be a great resource to help you identify the location of the car’s air filter. Air filters are usually very easy to access regardless of the model and make of the car.

Air filters are usually found inside a little housing. To identify the housing, look for a tube that is connected to the engine where the air goes in. You are likely to see retainer clips or screws on the housing and you can open the housing using a nut. Some come with clamps that can be removed with little effort. Simply pull it out and replace it with a new filter.

Cleaning a dirty air filter

There are various methods to clean a dirty air filter. You can use a vacuum cleaner or simply wash it using a cleaning liquid. Vacuuming is a lot easier and faster than using soap and water. The only major drawback to cleaning the air filter with soap and water is that some parts may not be dry and you risk damaging the engine if you return a wet filter back in your car.

Place water and a cleaning solution in a bucket then dip the filter in. you don’t need to use a cleaning cloth simply wash it with your hands and then remove it. Just make sure that all areas have been cleaned and then leave it to dry. Always make sure that the air filter is completely dry before putting it back in. If you prefer to use a vacuum cleaner, run it on each side of the filter to get rid of the dirt and dust.

Make sure you clean the housing of the air filter as well. You can use a soft cloth together with soap and water to clean the filter’s housing. Just make sure you don’t leave behind pieces of the cloth you were using to clean the filter. Also, make sure the housing is completely dry before you put it back.

There are different types of air filters including foam filters, high performance filters and paper filters. When replacing the air filter, choose one that is most ideal for your car. Foam filters are ideal for car owners living in dusty areas. High performance filters are used in road rally cars and other vehicles that are used in dusty environments.